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The current state of Coptic Christians in Egypt is becoming harder for the free world to turn a blind eye to.

The crisis is real and no action on the part of the western world will mean the continued rape, murder and out right desolation of these Christians. Thousands of Coptic’s have expressed their decades of resentment and suffering in peaceful street protests all over the world. Unfortunately, these peaceful protestes have been met with further acts of violence.


Coptic’s are struggling to survive. This is actual video of The Church of Prince Tadros in Egypt burning after being fire-bombed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Coptic Orthodox Exodus appeals to the western world to help those suffering and no longer turn a blind eye. Although we have the endorsement of the Canadian government, we need your involvement to raise awareness and funds to provide life-saving assistance for the Copts in Egypt.

Who are these people? What is happening to them?

Coptic Christians, also known as Copts, are the largest religious minority in the Middle East, as well as the largest Christian denomination in Egypt, accounting for 10-15 percent of the country's 95 million people. Even though many Copts now identify as Arabs, they are historically believed to be the last remaining descendants of the civilization of Ancient Egyptians.

How can we help?

Coptic Orthodox Exodus is a public charity organization under section 501 (C) (3) established in 2018. It is based in the United States and Canada. Our primary goal is to expedite the exodus of the Coptic Christians out of Egypt. We aim to advocate and work to strengthen the absolute equality for the Copts in Egypt through all peaceful and civil means sanctioned by universal standards. We desperately need the moral and material support of institutions within and outside Egypt that advocate equal rights and fight prejudice based on religion, gender, race or personal beliefs.

I whole heatedly stand behind this organization and the impact they are making in Egypt and the middle east.

Herbert ServerinChristian Business Leader

I work with the fouders of Coptic Orthodox Exodus.  I am praying that COE is able to make an immediate impact on the lives of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Thank you
Dr. Nolan DuckExecutive Pastor

I whole heatedly appreciate what this organization is doing.  We extend our faith and prayers and support to these Christian families in desparate need.

I like your themes
Craig & Gina Morgan Founder's | Blended Together Forever

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